Meiying Quan


Yoga School of Kailua, Inc.
Kids Yoga by Darlene D'Arezzo
Iyengar Yoga by Sri S.F.Biria
Pregnancy Yoga by Sara Avant Stove
Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
Hot Yoga by Dallas Krewschelnicki


Yoga like my family is a gift. I have four amazing kids and a wonderful husband.  My dream for this "Quan's Hot Yoga" studio has come true!

Yoga changed my life completely. Early 2005 I had a neck injury comprised of herniated discs in three parts of my upper neck featuring extreme pain and numbness. Doctors said that only surgery would help me get back to a normal everyday life. What followed was tremendous stress and depression. The end of that year When the chance came to visit Bali of Indonesia I went the my first yoga class featured on the beaches of Bali. It was such a challenge for me. My entire body felt like it was in pain but I walked out of there completely surprised by my experience with yoga. After three days I returned home with an open heart,integrated body and rejuvenated life.

Living yoga, better life. A sign that greater experiencing my body through yoga continues to make me stronger everyday with practice. It has been years now since my injury and I no longer experience insufferable neck pain or require surgery. Life with yoga for me just keeps getting better. I want to share this wonderful experience with you and help you to be healthy, strong and beautiful in this crazy world we live in.

Can't wait to see you on the mat!

Loving yoga, living happiness!



Tim Wihlidal


Kids Yoga by Sarah Byers
Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
Hot Yoga by Dallas Krewschelnicki and Meiying Quan


From the first time I attended a yoga class I knew this was going to be a life long practice. Something just clicked. As fitness and healthy eating have always been a large part of my life so too is yoga. Practicing yoga for roughly 15 years now I still consider myself a student of the art of yoga. In my yoga practice I'm constantly learning new beneficial techniques and variations that I add to my everyday life.

Having completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training program with Bernie Clark and a Sattva Kids Yoga Teacher training program with Sarah Byers I found them very beneficial in my own family life. With this experience I have the opportunity to share this knowledge and these experiences with others in hopes they too will find them beneficial in their lives.


Jill Bullock

200 HR Certification through Quans Hot Yoga


Jill began her practice of yoga 10 years ago. After developing a problem with her hip, due to a repetitive use injury, she added more yoga to her routine. She was pleasantly surprised to see the physical changes as well as the mental calm that came with practice. Yoga has helped her become both strong and flexible in both mind and body.

When the opportunity came up to take teacher training at Quan's Hot Yoga, she couldn't resist! She is very excited to pass on the many benefits of yoga.


Charla Weber

Sadhana Yoga Bali Indonesia (2014)
Hot Yoga Quan's Hot Yoga with Mirene Paladines (2015)
Zuna Yoga Bali Indonesia (2017)
Yoga Nidra with Scott Moore (2019)


Charla was first introduced to yoga in 1974 by her mother and was immediately drawn to the physical aspect of building strength while developing flexibility. Just over 6 years ago, Charla began to incorporate a regular practice of yoga into her life and experienced a deeper level of yoga; the integration of body, mind and spirit - not only on the mat, but in all aspects of her life. After sharing her passion for yoga with her children and friends, a desire to continue to share that passion with others called her to complete her teacher training in Bali, Indonesia.

Charla hopes everyone leaving her class has the sense of creating a little bit of space in their body, and in their mind.


Candace Chicilo



Candace is a home grown trained teacher here from our studio. Teaching for a few years now in a variety of styles from Hot Yoga, Deep stretch with Hot Arms hips and Hamstrings, Flow ,Yin/Yang and now the Hot Fusion which is a well rounded blend of moving flow postures as well as strength, balance and conditioning postures for a great strengthening and toning workout.


Amanda Ruschiensky



I began practicing yoga to lengthen and strengthen my muscles and bring balance to my exercise routine. Over time, I began feeling the benefits of yoga on and off my mat. Yoga has conditioned me to approach everything with awareness, acceptance, gratitude and peace.

I hope that sharing my passion for yoga with others will help them find the same benefits.


Anna Dyachenko



Quite energetic by nature, I enjoy a diversity of sports and physical activities: running, biking, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, HIIT training, and pickleball. When I first experienced yoga in 2016, I approached it as a physical challenge, a test of strength, flexibility and endurance. However, gradually, my mat became a special place where I could learn more about myself as a human being, detached from all my social roles. I love yoga for the way it makes me feel rested – from overthinking and worrying, from comparing and competing, from trying too hard to be my best self.

My journey as a yoga teacher is just starting; my deepest and most sincere hope is that I can help others create some space between themselves and the pressures of the outside world, surrender to the moment, and just breathe.


Ann Marie Urban



I have been teaching strength and yoga classes for over twenty years. My classes offer unique sequences that will work your overall body. Classes will energize your entire being, not only on the mat but in life too.


Joanne Powers



By attending yoga classes on a regular basis for the last three years, my hip, shoulder and neck issues disappeared. The physical and mental benefits of a regular practice were so positive, I felt the need to learn more. Completing the Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200) offered through Quan’s Hot Yoga in 2019 was a life changing experience. I am happy and honoured to be in this new phase of my life, feeling balanced, healthy and grateful every day. As a new teacher, my wish is for those who feel overwhelmed, stressed, or physically stuck to try yoga and experience the benefits for yourself!


Keely Wight-Young



Keely started practicing yoga over 15 years ago. She finds that yoga provides an opportunity to know ourselves better, to be more gentle and kind to ourselves, and to create space within our busy lives. Spending time on the mat provides a safe place where physical and spiritual growth can emerge. Yoga has provided a positive influence on all aspects of her life. Keely began to further deepen her practice five years ago. She recently completed her teacher training through Quan’s and is grateful to be a part of the dynamic and inspiring team. She hopes each person attending a yoga class carries more light and peace with them both on and off the mat. Namaste.


Melody Olson



I’ve been a fitness instructor for over 15 years and have found the aspect of motivating and guiding people to improve their body awareness and fitness levels to be very rewarding. So it seemed a natural step to take that passion to the mat. Along with that, a drive to learn more and improve my own practice led me to the teacher training hosted at Quan’s in the spring of 2016. The aspects of a yoga practice that strike a chord with me are the inclusive nature; regardless of age, gender, shape or size, everyone can find a place in the yoga community. Every day and every body is different and a yoga practice is more about the journey than the destination. Each day presents a unique set of challenges and along with those rewarding successes.


Sacha Wolfson



Sacha was born and raised in Regina and first introduced to yoga about 15 years ago. After suffering a knee injury in 2016, he began a daily practice and was amazed by the difference it made in his recovery. Yoga soon became a big part of his life, and he decided to take a teacher training to deepen his own practice, and share his joy of movement and mindfulness with others. When not on the mat, he is an avid Krav maga practitioner and a certified Steel Mace Flow coach. Sacha loves many different styles of yoga, but really gravitated to Yin as the perfect balance to his active lifestyle. He hopes you leave each class feeling calm and rejuvenated.


Susan Bladyko



I would like to introduce you to Susan's yoga journey:

Susan discovered yoga after decades of competitive sports; primarily cycling but also running swimming and triathlons. Ultra distance competitions were her highlights.

Around 2010 she started supplementing her workouts and training sessions with yoga in a gym setting. One night a substitute teacher led the class at the gym. Susan was so inspired by this teacher she decided to join a yoga studio. The first class she experienced at the studio was a traditional ashtanga class. She was hooked. The rhythm, discipline and challenge of ashtanga motivated her to know more. Yoga slowly began to benefit both her physical endeavors and personal aspects of her life.

In 2017 Susan enrolled in a yoga teacher training course with the intention of only enhancing her personal practice; never expecting to teach yoga. Five years ago a friend suggested she submit an application to teach yoga at a Regina location. She has been teaching ever since and loves the energy she receives from the students in her classes. Susan feels it is a privilege to share space in the yoga shala both as as a student and as a teacher.


Diana Doncaster



After attending her first yoga class in 2010, Diana realized that yoga was going to become an integral part of her life.

In 2019, the opportunity came to take the teacher training from the Quans Hot Yoga family, which Diana was honored to be a part of. Yoga classes provide so much more than your physical strength and conditioning, it incorporates the power of cultivating a calm and gentle breath, useful both on and off your yoga mat. Yoga allows us the opportunity to transform an anxious mind in to a calm and grateful heart.

Yoga is for everyone, and everyone is welcome in Diana’s class. Once we leave our yoga mats, we are more refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on the busy lives we lead.

Peace to the body, peace to the mind and peace to the soul. Namaste.


Nina Hurlbert



As a fitness instructor and avid runner, I have known the benefits and importance of stretching, but after attending yoga class, I truly understood the depth of relaxing the body and the mind. it was in that moment that I wanted to share this amazing practice with others and be a yoga instructor. I enjoy guiding others in yoga classes to provide rest, relaxation, and to rest the body from stress and anxiety.


Sydney Walter

5 years ago Sydney went on a self exploration journey and she found yoga. She not only became aware of the benefits yoga could have on the body, but the mind and soul. Along with being a 500 hour RYT, Sydney is a registered massage therapist. Sydney hopes to create a safe space for everyone who comes to their mat utilizing her knowledge of the body and deep understanding of how yoga can assist in all levels of the self. Om Shanti


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Brittney Hart



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Alissa Hill

Alissa took on wellness education from a deep calling to help others find sustainable, whole-body healing and relief..

After experiencing the profound benefits of yoga and wellness practices such as sound healing, breathwork, visualization and meditation she is honoured to introduce new and experienced practitioners to these life-enriching practices. Alissa has been practicing a variety of yoga styles across the country for 14 years and went on to obtain her 200h foundational yoga teacher certification through the Naked Truth Yoga program based out of Vancouver, BC. Over the last 4 years, Alissa has had the privilege of teaching a variety of disciplines in studio environments, private and semi-private sessions, and has also taught abroad in South America.

Passionate about discovering new ways of supporting her clients, Alissa maintains a 150H Somatic Thai Massage certification, restorative yoga training from Mandorla Institute, and is also a certified sound healer through Soul Remember. Alissa prides herself in going above and beyond in every session, ensuring each client feels supported with props, practices, and stretches they can integrate into their daily life. She has hundreds of hours of wellness training and experience working with a variety of clients in private and group settings.


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