Meiying Quan


Yoga School of Kailua, Inc.
Kids Yoga by Darlene D'Arezzo
Iyengar Yoga by Sri S.F.Biria
Pregnancy Yoga by Sara Avant Stove
Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
Hot Yoga by Dallas Krewschelnicki


Yoga like my family is a gift. I have four amazing kids and a wonderful husband.  My dream for this "Quan's Hot Yoga" studio has come true!

Yoga changed my life completely. Early 2005 I had a neck injury comprised of herniated discs in three parts of my upper neck featuring extreme pain and numbness. Doctors said that only surgery would help me get back to a normal everyday life. What followed was tremendous stress and depression. The end of that year When the chance came to visit Bali of Indonesia I went the my first yoga class featured on the beaches of Bali. It was such a challenge for me. My entire body felt like it was in pain but I walked out of there completely surprised by my experience with yoga. After three days I returned home with an open heart,integrated body and rejuvenated life.

Living yoga, better life. A sign that greater experiencing my body through yoga continues to make me stronger everyday with practice. It has been years now since my injury and I no longer experience insufferable neck pain or require surgery. Life with yoga for me just keeps getting better. I want to share this wonderful experience with you and help you to be healthy, strong and beautiful in this crazy world we live in.

Can't wait to see you on the mat!

Loving yoga, living happiness!



Tim Wihlidal



Kids Yoga by Sarah Byers

 Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark

 Hot Yoga by Dallas Krewschelnicki and Meiying Quan

From the first time I attended a yoga class I knew this was going to be a life long practice. Something just clicked. As fitness and healthy eating have always been a large part of my life so too is yoga. Practicing yoga for roughly 15 years now I still consider myself a student of the art of yoga. In my yoga practice I'm constantly learning new beneficial techniques and variations that I add to my everyday life.

Having completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training program with Bernie Clark and a Sattva Kids Yoga Teacher training program with Sarah Byers I found them very beneficial in my own family life. With this experience I have the opportunity to share this knowledge and these experiences with others in hopes they too will find them beneficial in their lives.


Arbely Rubalcava

Level 1 with Jess Robertson/Ted Grand
Modo Flow with Angela Zawada/ Dina Tsouluhas
Vinyasa Yoga for Youth with Ryan Leir
Ashtanga Yoga Immersion with David Robson

After leaving the competitive world of rhythmic gymnastics, I was searching for something healing, both mentally and physically. When I stepped into a Modo Yoga class in Montreal in 2008, I felt that I could finally exhale. I was inspired by the intensity of the practice, the warm guidance of the teachers, and the feeling of rejuvenation that I felt after every class! I was instantly hooked, and I knew then that I had found my path. I completed Modo Level 1 in Kerala, India in 2009, and Modo Flow in 2011.

My yoga journey then led me to Ashtanga Yoga after moving to Regina. Ashtanga continues to be my main and daily practice. I travel to Toronto to practice and learn from David Robson annually. Eventually I made my first trip to Mysore, India in 2014 where I began my studies with my teacher Sharath Jois. I returned in 2016, and plan to make annual trips to deepen and enrich my practice and teaching.

I am forever in awe of the wisdom of the practice, and grateful to be able to share my passion with anyone who wants to learn.


Charla Weber


E-RYT-500 Sadhana Yoga Bali Indonesia (2014) Hot Yoga Quan’s Hot Yoga with Mirene Paladines (2015) Zuna Yoga Bali Indonesia (2017) Yoga Nidra with Scott Moore (2019) I was first introduced to yoga in 1974 by my mother and was immediately drawn to the physical aspect of building strength while developing flexibility. Over the years I returned to the mat occasionally however it was not until 2009 that I found myself regularly on the mat. It was so different than anything else I ever experienced, the thrill of the race, the victory of the game…I couldn’t explain it, but every time I came to my mat, I felt it. I felt a connection, the integration rather than separation of body, mind and spirit. I felt I was coming home. I shared this passion with my children and my friends, but I knew there was something more for me. Travelling to Bali in 2014 to complete 200 hours of teacher training, I found what I was looking for; returned in 2017 to complete an additional 300 hours of training. I hope everyone leaving my class has the sense of creating a little bit of space in their body, in their mind and in their life. I hope everyone feels a sense of coming home to themselves..




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Candace Chicilo


Candace is a home grown trained teacher here from our studio. Teaching for a few years now in a variety of styles from Hot Yoga, Deep stretch with Hot Arms hips and Hamstrings, Flow ,Yin/Yang and now the Hot Fusion which is a well rounded blend of moving flow postures as well as strength, balance and conditioning postures for a great strengthening and toning workout.